Greene Township – Franklin County

Comprehensive Plan

Purpose and Content of the Comprehensive Plan

In June of 2005, the Greene Township Board of Supervisors decided to proceed with this Comprehensive Plan Update. Their intentions were fourfold:

  1. To re-evaluate the Comprehensive Plan of 1994 goals and objectives;
  2. To comply with amendments to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act of 1968, P.L. 805, No. 247 as re-enacted and amended, hereinafter referred to as the MPC);
  3. To incorporate new information such as the 2000 Census of Population and Housing; and
  4. To address new issues and opportunities facing Greene Township at this time.

To following areas of concern were recognized by the Greene Township Board of Supervisors, and will be evaluated in this Comprehensive Plan Update of 2006. They include:

  1. Development pressures resulting from the construction of Exit 17 on Interstate Highway Route 81 (I-81) at Walker Road;
  2. Emerging growth areas;
  3. Growth of Franklin County and the resulting transportation impacts;
  4. Development of the Cumberland Valley Business Park;
  5. Retention of agricultural land and open space;
  6. Preservation and enhancement of prime agricultural land;
  7. Protection of environmentally sensitive land;
  8. Protection of natural and historic resources;
  9. Comprehensive Plans currently underway or recently completed in neighboring municipalities;
  10. Recent changes to the Greene Township’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance;
  11. Adequacy of water supplies for drinking water and fire protection purposes;
  12. Development of the Greene Township Park;
  13. Housing affordability and availability;
  14. Agricultural Security Areas;
  15. Operation and maintenance of stormwater management facilities;
  16. The effects of an aging population;
  17. Solid waste management and recycling;
  18. Potential widening of I-81;
  19. Aesthetic issues related to commercial development;
  20. Protection of residential uses from impacts of nonresidential development;
  21. Potential off-site services from the Letterkenny Army Depot;
  22. Development of a Transportation Capital Improvement Plan; and
  23. Adequacy of sewer facilities.

The community master planning process and the resulting Comprehensive Plan serves many purposes for a municipality. In order to identify the purposes of a Comprehensive Plan, it is necessary to understand what a Comprehensive Plan is and what it contains.

A Comprehensive Plan is a compilation of facts and data, which relate to the future growth and well being of a municipality and its citizens. It consists of maps, charts and text. The MPC provides the authority for the preparation of a Comprehensive Plan. The MPC also provides guidelines for what must be incorporated in a Comprehensive Plan, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • A statement of community goals and objectives concerning Greene Township’s future development.
  • A land use plan, which can include provisions for the amount, intensity, character and timing of a variety of land uses.
  • A housing plan, including conservation and/or rehabilitation of housing as applicable, and provisions for different dwelling types and densities.
  • A transportation plan for the movement of people and goods.
  • A community facilities plan for community services and utilities.
  • A statement of the interrelationships among the various plan components which may include an estimate of the environmental, energy, conservation, fiscal, economic development and social consequences on the Township.
  • A discussion of short and long-range plan implementation strategies and related fiscal, regulatory, and administrative concerns.
  • A statement indicating the relationship between existing and proposed development, objectives and plans in the Township, in contiguous municipalities, Franklin County and the region.

A Comprehensive Plan is a guidance document for a municipality by which future goals and policies can be determined as well as corresponding expenditures and regulatory decisions can be made. A Comprehensive Plan can also be a tool by which business and industry is drawn into a municipality, by providing a stable base for investment through structured growth management. Another integral part of a Comprehensive Plan is the input of the public and corresponding government agencies and private interests.

The Greene Township Planning Commission is empowered by the MPC to prepare the Comprehensive Plan at the request of the Greene Township Board of Supervisors. It was formed in 1967 with the purpose of performing this duty.

Contact the Township Zoning Office for further information: (717) 263-4990.

The entire Greene Township Comprehensive Plan, updated December 27, 2006, may be reviewed at the Greene Township Board of Supervisors, 1145 Garver Lane, Scotland.